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I'm about to admit something slightly embarrassing.

When it comes to my favorite activities...snacking is up there.

Okay. Okay. It might not be the most active or productive or social thing to do with your time. But really, at the end of a long day what is better than putting on a good movie and curling up on the couch will a bowl of your favorite snack? In fact, I've had many a night when a bowl of popcorn becomes my dinner, and I'm not mad at it.

As a snack connoisseur, I've tried several different snack box subscriptions but honestly didn't come across any I loved until I found Vegan Tuck Box.

Why do I love it so much?

First and foremost, I think a common issue when it comes to any kind of monthly subscription box is disappointment at the size of the products inside. All too often, it feels like you just paid upwards of $30 for a box full of small samples usually given out for free.

Vegan Tuck Box products are full size, people. You won't find any single serve peanut butter packets or miniature granola bars in here. My box contained 10 full-sized items including a chocolate bar, bag of chips, power bar, and bag of cookies.

What's more is Vegan Tuck Box is based in the UK (although they ship all over the world) so these aren't your run of the mill boring snacks either, they're all new brands/companies and different treats you can't find here in the US.

A few of my favorite snacks this month...

The Sticky Toffee pudding mug cake. I love a good mug cake, but what made this one so fun was that it transported me right back to London, where I studied abroad. Sticky Toffee Pudding isn't a common dessert here in the states, but it's a staple in the UK and it's so freaking delicious, it really should make its way over the pond more often.

Another favorite of mine was the Salted Caramel Wholefood Chocolate bar. I'm not even a huge caramel fan, but this chocolate bar was the creamiest, most divine little piece of chocolate heaven I've tasted in as long as I can remember. I was shocked to see that it was only made with four ingredients: cacao butter, cashews, coconut, and pink salt.

How much is it?

It's only $22 a month for the Ultimate Box that includes 10-13 full-sized treats. You can also opt for the Variety Box that's 5-8 treats for only $12 a month, and either subscription can be cancelled anytime. And on top of that, if you enter BLOG20 at checkout you'll receive 20% off your first box!

Vegan Tuck box also donates 10 cents for each box they sell to charity and gives reward points that you can save up to get a free one. That's seriously so many reasons to feel good about treating yourself to this little surprise gift each month to look forward to in the mail.

Where do I get it?

Head over here - and don't forget to enter BLOG20 for 20% off your order!


  1. What a great box with super delicious items in there! The price for this is also totally affordable. The Sticky Toffee pudding mug cake reminds me just like you of my time in England (I stayed to not too far from you, in Brighton! ;) ) Wouldn't mind to have one again here in Germany! Great post dear. Have an awesome day! xo

    1. Thanks love! Ahh isn't the UK so amazing! I miss it over there. I've visited Germany as well though and it's lovely there also, lucky you! This is definitely my favorite snack box I've tried for both the yummy snacks and affordable price.

  2. What a great box! Did not even know it existed!
    Need to check it out :)


    Novelstyle Blog

    1. Yes! You totally should - so many delicious snacks!


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